About Us

Peruvian Food

A saying often said in the restaurants of Lima is that Peruvian food is the French Cuisine of South America. In the Peruvian population you will find large Spanish and African influences, Asiatic cultures and ingredients, and flavors of spices similar to India.

      The only way to truly understand such a historic marriage of ingredients in Peru is to go to the beautiful country of Peru, or come and get a Taste of Peru right in Chicago.

The Owner

 In 1974, Cesar Izquierdo left Peru to come to the United States to make a better life for his family and himself. Yet, he realized that finding Peruvian food in Chicago, was no easy task.

 So, Cesar Izquierdo and his family would come to open Taste of Peru in 1998, thus, realizing his dream of bringing Peruvian food to Chicago. And now Cesar can enjoy the colors, smells, foods and music of Peru just 2 blocks away from his house. 

Our Team

Our team has been our beloved constant throughout our 20 years. With Chef Chiris having been taught by the owner's own mother, Mama Carmen, the flavors are just like home.

We are all very proud to bring the best Peruvian food to you!